Imported Brazil Nut
  • Imported Brazil Nut


    • Brazil Nuts are incredibly delicious. Their unique, creamy texture and delicious nutty flavour is incomparable to any other nut in this world! Bursting with vitamins and minerals, Brazil Nuts are high in protein, calcium, iron, zinc and are one of the best sources of selenium. These versatile nuts can be enjoyed on their own, or combined with dried fruit and seeds for a delicious trail mix. Toss Brazil Nuts into salads, or add them into delicious cakes, muffins and desserts. The choice is yours with these incredibly versatile superfoods! Try them today and experience the many health benefits of Brazil Nuts.  

    • Brazil Nuts  
      (Per 100 gms)  
      Energy(kcal) 659
      Total Carbohydrates 12g
      Dietry Fibre 7.5g
      Sugar 2.3g
      Protein 14g
      Total Fat 67g
      Saturated Fat 16g
      Sodium 3mg
    ₹5,400.00 Regular Price
    ₹2,700.00Sale Price
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